Well i am not a web programmer. I wasn’t born for that. Although i am studying every little thing related to my work and i am understanding more and more every day. Trying to deliver a complete solution to the client, i evolved my other skills not just the ones strictly related to design. That is why, today, i can get involved in many projects and follow them untill the delivered product. This means i am on my way of mastering HTML/CSS, helping myself with jQuery and conquering WordPress. But in every way i try to be the designer that can make things better. Having the right skills helps in designing every little aspect of a website or aplication, not just the photoshop file.

The skills in numbers

[percent_bar title=”Overall design skills” percent=”75″ color=”dgrey” /]
[percent_bar title=”Web design” percent=”87″ color=”dgrey” /]
[percent_bar title=”Usability” percent=”57″ color=”dgrey” /]
[percent_bar title=”FLASH” percent=”88″ color=”red1″ /]
[percent_bar title=”Advertising” percent=”90″ color=”orange” /]
[percent_bar title=”Identity” percent=”60″ color=”lblue” /]

Technical numbers

[percent_bar title=”FLASH” percent=”93″ color=”red1″ /]
[percent_bar title=”AS 2.0″ percent=”83″ color=”red2″ /]
[percent_bar title=”AS 3.0″ percent=”63″ color=”red3″ /]
[percent_bar title=”HTML / CSS” percent=”85″ color=”lblue” /]
[percent_bar title=”Wordpress” percent=”83″ color=”green” /]
[percent_bar title=”PHP” percent=”32″ color=”orange” /]
[percent_bar title=”Smarty” percent=”15″ color=”yellow” /]

Design enviroment

I am a fan of WindowsTM and i work exclusively on this platform. I am a windows power user but not afraid of a MAC. Below you have a chart with all programs used and my numbers.
[percent_bar title=”Windows” percent=”95″ color=”lblue” /]
[percent_bar title=”Office” percent=”77″ color=”lblue” /]
[percent_bar title=”Photoshop” percent=”85″ color=”dblue” /]
[percent_bar title=”Dreamweaver” percent=”80″ color=”green” /]
[percent_bar title=”Illustrator” percent=”82″ color=”orange” /]
[percent_bar title=”Flash-develop” percent=”78″ color=”dgrey” /]
[percent_bar title=”Particle illusion” percent=”78″ color=”dgrey” /]
[percent_bar title=”After effects” percent=”10″ color=”dgrey” /]
[percent_bar title=”3DStudio Max” percent=”10″ color=”dgrey” /]

Personal skills

This is me as a persona. Of course numbers mean nothing. To really know me you will have to contact me, talk to me and put me to work. All numbers used in this chart are true and none of them were harmed drawing this chart.
[percent_bar title=”Creativity” percent=”85″ color=”orange” /]
[percent_bar title=”Communication” percent=”75″ color=”green” /]
[percent_bar title=”Team integration” percent=”65″ color=”teal” /]
[percent_bar title=”Work ethics” percent=”99″ color=”yellow” /]
[percent_bar title=”Hard working” percent=”100″ color=”red2″ /]
[percent_bar title=”Meeting deadlines” percent=”100″ color=”lblue” /]
[percent_bar title=”(good) Stubborness” percent=”105″ color=”black” /]