I love designing ! I love doing things better !

Hello ! My name is Costin and i am a experienced web designer who loves all about the webdesign. I am curently training as a art director and i am developing all the needed skills to deliver a complete web product. This means that i start a project from Photoshop and i follow it troughout the whole process, when my skills allow this. In the process, i have learned how to develop websites in FLASH, how to animate and to give life to thoughts using FLASH. I have learned how to use HTML, CSS and jQuery togheter to deliver a pleasant experience and a better usability. I have learned how to master WordPress, to bend it’s will to my needs and to give every customer a tailored solution for their needs.


I have now over 5 years of comercial experience. I have started as a freelancer for clients from US and over the years i managed to add to my portfolio even big clients from Romania. In the end, i gathered quite a experience dealing with big names as well as delivering suited solutions for mid and small companies. Lately i am working for a big international multimedia/technology company, wich has it’s offices in sunny Barcelona.



From the beginning

This is the story of the Evil Pencil. He started designing from a early stage. At that time the only mean of designing was the drawing. Wich he did for a while. After that , the computer apeared and he digitalised himself. He allways wanted to give life to things, to animate and breathe life. After the digitalisation, he met the FLASH. And started working with that to deliver his greatness.

But, coming back to this reality, FLASH was and it is the first love. I cannot say i master it, but i can deliver great things out of it, i can make a live, breathing website. Over the years i have upgraded my skills, animation wise and coding wise. I have delivered, and i continue to, great flash apps and better and better advertising campaigns.

The need

As from the beggining of doing this as a professional designer, i uderstood that i need to deliver complete solutions, not only a photoshop file. So i started learning on how to make FLASH dynamic, get content from other sources, display it and animate it . As soon as i undestood that FLASH is not the solution for every project, i started looking for tools that could put my creativity into practice and my ideas into a complete product. After trying out over 50 CMS solutions, i finally stopped at my first love : WordPress.

I have discovered, doing other things than FLASH, that i can design more aspects of a product. Having the liberty to deliver a ready project, ifound out that i can get involved in every little thing and designing it my way. I have discovered that i can design a whole experience for the targeted audience of my projects. And it became a need to get involved and design every transition, every timing, every color and so on , of the project.

The present

Using WordPress opened a whole new world. I have transformed myself into a mutant designer-developer without even knowing until it was too late . And i m not sorry for that. Instead, now i know how to better design things that will become a web product, i know all the needs that a front-end developer has and all the requirements that a live product has.I have learned the basics and the advanced workings of HTML, a lot of CSS techniques and optimisation tricks, the basics of javaScript and jQuery. With all of that i have learned how to optimise the products i deliver, how to make better every little thing i design. Above that, WordPress thought me more than the basics of search engines optimisations ( SEO ) that can be done, as a first step into the monetisation of a web product.

All in all, moving from a designer to a designer/developer, made me a better professional. But the need to design the web is still the main drive and i remain, at the core, a genuine web designer.